Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas walking time

training stats
Su 16/12:
jog/walk, 11K, 1:24 hrs
Fr 14/12: gym 1 hr, treadmill run 5k, 0:30 hrs
Th 13/12: indoor bike, 1:00 hrs
We 12/12: jog/walk, 9K, 0:55 hrs

My intention was to do some kind of sports every day during this week but I didn't stand it on Saturday. You might argue that walking is not a sort of sports. I am happy to agree therefore I did some running in between. I was less happy to feel that my knee did like walking more than running. Could that be MY knee?

All my attempts to avoid gaining weight are in vain. I meet cookies everywhere everytime. And most of them are tasty. It is a bad time being injured but it is even worse during christmas time.
Christmas time can be a bad time and it is even worse when injured. And all this gets worst when New Year's Eve is approaching - a day which gets me soppy every year.

Don't worry - be happy!
(provided you are not a turkey)


Blogger Marcus said...

...very nice picture!
more of pics like these and running will receive greater attention of the public!
A good and healthy start into the 2008-season and all the best from marcus

4:44 pm  

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