Sunday, November 04, 2007


OK, it is not the time to beat J's result at Frankfurt last Sunday. But honestly I am very happy with my run. NYC has a very tough route indeed. I lost the two needed minutes along the final 3 miles when I had to fight strongly to keep running.

Now I will need a full week's rest to get recovered for the next trip. It starts on Sunday and I would call it the toughest project I ever intended to do.

First of all I look forward to today's After-Marathon-Party, where I will enjoy more than one pint of Sam Adams.


Anonymous Heike said...

Hi Uli,

congratulations for the again great result...

But now I've become very curios about your next project. Because of the time in year I would guess it is something direction Himalaya or South-America??? Maybe you'll tell... ;-)


12:48 pm  

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