Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Too busy

Sorry folks, I am feeling too busy to post regularly. Preparing our charity run which takes place on Sunday requires most of my time.

Those who never were involved in such a project may think it is just handing out race numbers to runners and let them hurry through the woods. Actually there are more than 70 volunteers engaged to make the event being successful - hopefully.

First step is promising: We received 627 entries thereof 52 who only donated. Last year we had 485. So this is really amazing!

My own training is somewhat neglected but I worked up the courage to start at the 10K City Run in Dortmund last Sunday. I finished 43:03 min with a look like this:


Blogger Marcus said...

still doing strong. but you look kinda emaciated. Best wishes, Marcus

10:11 pm  

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