Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another Fracture

Training stats
Thu 08/03: slow run, 10.3K, 58 min

A broken arm was not enough. Yesterday it happened to me that someBody broke my heart. If anybody knows of a technique to erase parts of the human memory would you please be so kind to pass it on to me.

There could be no better day to turn this blog back into a training blog aiming for London Marathon 2007. Today was my first proper workout since December, I am on course of my just-arrive-schedule and the knee is promising more.


Blogger Marcus said...

when you're heartbroken you might become very inspired. go and play some tunes on your guitar or go out and run! That's a very effective way (at least for me) to set my mind at ease and think around courners.
All my best wishes for you, Marcus (who got heartbroken once too)

11:09 pm  

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