Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Taste of Iceland

training stats
Tu 21/08: fast run, 9K, 0:42 hrs
Mo 20/08: easy jog, 10K, 1:06 hrs

week's total: run 33K, bike 39K, gym 1 session
Su 19/08: rest
Sa 18/08: race, 10K, 0:42 hrs, +2K warm up
Fr 17/08: rest
Th 16/08: rest

The weekend let me just acquire a taste for the wonders of Iceland. Reykjavik is a nice little town but on its own it is not worth the long journey. It is the island's nature what makes Iceland so special. A bus tour on Sunday could only give a short impression of what the country has to offer. Obviously one has to leave civilisation and trek across the highlands to experience the unique nature of active volcanos, spitting geysirs and spacious glaciers.

Some pictures of the day show...

... no man's land between American und European tectonic plates

... Gull Foss, the waterfall which is reported to look golden in sunshine

... Strokkor, currently the only Geyser throwing hot water regularly

You are invited to look up the complete photo gallery.

Yes, there was the marathon, too. It was a very nice event with 500 marathon runners, 1100 doing the half marathon, 2800 running 10K and thousands enjoying the 3K fun run. Race day was an unusual warm and sunny day with Icelandic hot summer temperature of 16°c, a perfect day for running.

I managed to do the 10K between caring for my group of marathon runners and I finished with the fairly decent time of 42:10 min. Age graded this is my best for the recent 3 years!

Photo: Olympic Champion Stefano Baldini (right) finished the Half Marathon runner-up to winner Benjamin Serem of Kenya.


Blogger Sabine said...

Beautiful landscapes!

I have registered for the London marathon again. Am I mad? Are you coming along?


10:08 am  
Anonymous Heike said...

Hi Uli,

very nice pictures again. And yes, you are right. To see the "real" Iceland landscape you need to go to the "middle" of the island by 4wd-car or do some hiking or something like that. It's great nature there and very lonely in large regions of the country.

And of course congratulations for the great result. You get faster and faster ;-)



11:33 am  
Blogger Uli said...

Many thanks for your comments, Sabine and Heike.

No question, Sabine, London Marathon goes without saying. I am not thinking about abandoning it. And I am looking forward to seeing you at the start line. The yearly FLM interAir meeting seems to become a family gathering.

Sounds like you already have done it, Heike. I am sure I will go to Iceland again and discover the highlands.

10:03 pm  

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