Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Excursion

Bruges is a medieval Belgian town, bigger than I expected. It has more than 100,000 inhabitants and you can walk along its streets and canals for hours and you will not yet have seen everything. In former times it had a North Sea port and became one of most wealthy towns of Europe. Which obviously it still is and one of the most beautiful, too. The town boasts with museums but the weather was just too fine to spend the day indoors.

See a small gallery of our Easterly walks so far:

Bruges Town Hall

A typical view of Bruges - the canals are called "Grachts"

The Begijnhof is a working cloister of Benedictines

Busy Bruges has 100,000 inhabitants, but 3,000,000 tourists per year

Belgium is beer country. I guess there are hundreds of breweries with even more kinds of brews.

Another view of the many Grachts which can be explored by a boat trip

Today - Easter Sunday - the famous classic bicycle race Flandern Tour started on the market place of Bruges. The place was packed with people. Early at 7am many thousands of hobby bikers started followed by the proffessionals at 10am. It is the main sports event in Belgium. Everybody is crazy about bike racing.

Windmill mirrored near the village of Damme.

Watch this space for more on Wednesday.


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