Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Peak Gallery

21/10/06 Sat - Run 10K 0:57 hrs
23/10/06 Mo - Slow Jog 8K 0:47 hrs
24/10/06 Tu - Long Run 30K 3:02 hrs

When climbing Island Peak I took just my small camera with me. This day's photos can be looked up in a
simple gallery. Mind the blue of the sky!

Next Tuesday I will be off for the New York City Marathon 2006. So today I was happy to be able to do a final long run of 30K after the total pause of 3 weeks without running. High level trekking seems to have kept me fit enough.

The only pity is that - after 3 healthy weeks in Nepal - I caught a diarrhea at home! German food obviously is the harder challenge.


Blogger Sabine said...

OK, it's obvious and slightly cheesy, but here goes: I want to be a part of it... New York... Neeew Yooork...

Have fun, good luck and keep posting!


8:36 pm  
Blogger Uli said...

Hi Sabine, Many thanks for your support. I very much look forward to running New York. As my most frequent visitor you know that I love (just!) to run alongside attractive ladies. And this time I am extremely lucky you will agree after seeing my report :-)

9:22 pm  

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