Thursday, July 20, 2006


I forgot to record the stats:

Monday: hill walk, 6 hrs, 1500m up (via Mt. Grünstein to Watzmann Hut)
Tuesday: hill walk, 12hrs, 900m up, 2200m down (Watzmann ridge walk and back to B&B)
Wednesday: hill walk, 6:30hrs, 1300 up and down (Mt. Hoher Göll)
Thursday: easy mountain stroll, 3 hrs, 500m up and down (around Mt. Jenner)

The view from Mount Jenner to Lake Königssee and Mount Watzmann. Here the complete Watzmann ridge can be seen which I walked from right to left.

My feet and thighs are still hurting what made me reduce today's programme to a trip via the cable car up Mount Jenner and a short stroll at high level. There are two more days to recover before the race up Mount Zugspitze on Sunday. The event might be at risk now. It is not impossible that it will be cancelled due to high likeliness of thunderstorms. I can understand that nobody can account for sending 1000 runners up Germany's highest mountain when lightnings cannot be excluded. There are some sections of the route which are secured by wire ropes what is extremely dangerous in foul weather.

Today's photos can be found in gallery 4.

By chance our ridgewalk along Watzmann has been photographed by an online reporter. Many of his excellent photos show our group and myself:

Me on the first top of Watzmann, called Hocheck.
(photo by


Blogger Sabine said...

Congratulations for making it up to the top of the mountain! And fingers crossed for the race. Amazing pictures, you are a lucky man indeed.

Someone, who has been stuck in a sauna like office all week

10:59 pm  
Blogger Uli said...

Many thanks for your mental support all week. The frequent contacts via Internet make it somewhat easier to be on holiday on my own.

Regards from Lermoos in Austria, where now 10 runners from Witten are gathering to race on Sunday. Thunderstorms are forecasted only for afternoon and evening, so the race will take place as scheduled. It will be a hot event I suppose.

11:10 am  
Blogger hajka said...

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